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Scope of Collection

When completely digitized, this collection will contain by-laws and constitutions, minutes from the Annual Meeting, monthly Board of Governors, Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Executive Committees meetings, additional committee reports (e.g. Religious Education, Social Services) and miscellaneous information (e.g. printing samples) beginning with the establishment of the Sabbath School Association in the Buffalo NY area in 1857. Materials include handwritten journals, bound books and file folders with information from the predecessor organizations of the Network of Religious Communities (NRC).
Erie County Sabbath School Association (1857-1863),
Erie County Sunday School Association (1863- 1872),
Buffalo Federation of Churches (1913-1930),
The Inter Church Missionary Union (Related to Church Women) (1911-1930),
Buffalo Council of Churches (1923-1930)
Council of Churches of Buffalo and Erie County (1930-1971)
Buffalo Area Council of Churches (1971 -1989)
Buffalo Area Metropolitan Ministry (1975-1989),
Network of Religious Communities (1989-current time).