New-York Historical Society Collections

  • New-York Historical Society, Historical Manuscripts
    The New-York Historical Society's manuscript collections contain over 2 million items of archival materials, including family papers and organizational and business records. This website presents a selection of collections that document the lives of important New Yorkers and Americans as well as average citizens.


  • New-York Historical Society, Manuscript Collections Relating to Slavery
    The New-York Historical Society holds fifteen important manuscript collections relating to the institution of slavery in the United States and the Atlantic slave trade. They include account books and ship manifests documenting the financial aspects of the slave trade, records of educational institutions and anti-slavery organizations, correspondence and other personal papers of abolitionists, legal documents such as birth certificates and deeds of manumission, and political works. With over 12,000 pages of text dating from the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries, these collections constitute a rich archive of primary source materials that will be of value to anyone researching the history of slavery, the slave trade, and the abolitionist movement.


  • New-York Historical Society, Photographs of New York City and Beyond
    The extensive photograph collections at the New-York Historical Society are particularly strong in portraits and documentary images of New York-area buildings and street scenes from 1839 to 1945, although contemporary photography continues to be collected. This website presents photographic prints and negatives depicting New York City in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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