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Cradle of Aviation Museum

Grumman – For over sixty years the name Grumman had been synonymous with Naval aviation. This unique company had supplied aircraft which had consistently broken new ground both in design and performance. The Cradle of Aviation’s Grumman archives trace the development of a company that remained independent and unique for most of its history, from its founding in 1929 through the state-of-the-art jets of the late 20th century. The history of Grumman is also about the history of Long Island and the people who worked there over the course of seven decades.

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Freeport Memorial Library Board Minutes

Freeport Memorial Library

Dates of Original: 1931-2002

The Freeport Memorial Library was established in 1884 by Professor Loren M. Burdick, principal of the Freeport Schools, with funds raised by amateur entertainments. In 1895, the Board of Regents of New York State granted a provisional charter. A permanent charter, signed by Melvil Dewey, was granted on December 21, 1899. The Library was housed in a school until 1911 when it was moved to a rented room in the Miller Building on South Grove Street. On Memorial Day in 1924, the Beaux Arts building, designed by architect Charles M. Hart was dedicated as the first war memorial library in New... Read more

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Nickell Snake Oil Collection

Center for Inquiry - Center for Inquiry Libraries

Dates of Original: c. 1880 - 1910

Nickell Snake Oil Collection
Although snake oil has become synonymous with medical quackery in today's parlance, not many are aware of how it came to be so. This digital collection from the Center for Inquiry Libraries' Dr. Joe Nickell Collection features 27 items relating to the sale of these "patent medicines," including bottles of snake oil, other cure-all liniments, various advertisements, and even a taxidermic rattlesnake.
The latter half of the 19th century saw an influx of Chinese immigrants bound for work on the railroads. Some of them brought the... Read more

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William Suydam letters

Geneva Historical Society

Dates of Original: c. 1860 - 1865

The Civil War pitted the Confederate States against the rest of the Nation. Many Upstate New Yorkers, including Geneva residents, joined the Union Army to fight the Confederacy. Private William Henry Suydam, native of Geneva, NY, wrote many letters home to his parents while he was serving the the 128th Regiment during the Civil War. After the war, Suydam became quite active in Geneva civil life.

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