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Watervliet Businesses

Watervliet Public Library

Dates of Original: c. 1880 - 1920

Watervilet is located in Albany County, New York, and is north of the city of Albany. Because Watervilet was located along the Erie Canal, which made it a lucrative business area.

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Lewis H. Brown Collection

Binghamton University - Binghamton University Libraries

Dates of Original: c. 1860 - 1870

The American Civil War was fought between the years 1861 - 1865 between the Union (the North half of the country) and the Confederates (the South half of the country). The war began over the disagreements between the North and South regarding slavery. The Civil War is known for having more American deaths in a war than any other war America has been a part of. People from both halves of the nation joined this battle, both voluntarily and through a draft. Lewis Brown served in the 27th New York Regiment of the Volunteer Infantry from 1861-1863, while Burritt Brown and Al Ransom were in the... Read more

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Lantern Slides - Palisades Interstate Park Commission

Palisades Interstate Park Commission

The American Museum of Natural History was an early partner of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission (PIPC), providing scientific, historic, and other expertise as the Commission developed environmental education programs, public nature trails, group camping programs for children, and more. In 1927, the American Museum partnered with the PIPC to found Trailside Museums & Zoo, often call the Bear Mountain Zoo, as a field station and component of a larger regional network of outdoor nature museums to provide context and information to our tens of thousands of group campers.

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Maverick Musicians Portraits

Woodstock Public Library District

The Maverick Art Colony was founded in 1905 by by Harvard graduate turned social activist, author, idealist and bohemian, Hervey White. Music was a crucial part of the colony, and it drew many musicians and artists over the years. In 1916, Hervey began hosting chamber music concerts featuring both amateur and acclaimed musicians. These concerts continue to be held to this day.

When asked about performing at The Maverick, musician and founding music director of the National Orchestral Association Leon Barzin noted that, "From the very beginning, music at the Maverick was a... Read more

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