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Utica Church and Synagogue Collection

Utica Public Library

Dates of Original: 1900 - 1910

The city of Utica is located between the Mohawk River and Adirondack Mountains in Oneida County, New York. It was originally established by the Mohawk tribe of the Iroquois or Haudenosaunee. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Utica was known for its textile manufacturing. It was also major hub of transportation because of its proximity to railways and the Erie Canal. Utica is home to many religions and religious denominations. Several of Utica’s churches are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Allen J. Manning owned a photography studio and supply shop on... Read more

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Syracuse Central High School Archives

Onondaga County Public Library - Central Library

Dates of Original: 1887 - 1947

Syracuse Central High School was founded in 1903 to replace the 1867 Syracuse High School facility located near the old Board of Education Building in Syracuse, New York. The new high school, designed in 1899 by Archimedes Russell to accommodate 1,500 students, was erected in 1903 at the intersection of South Warren and Adams streets, south of the business district of downtown Syracuse. The high school operated under the name Syracuse Central High School from 1903 to 1960 and later as Syracuse Central Technical High School. In 1975, the high school officially closed after the graduation of... Read more

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Plain Talk

Port Washington Public Library

Henry K. Landis was among the mass influx of German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania (Lancaster County) in the 1700s. Henry, along with his brother George where the founders of the Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Landis, was also the editor of the local publication “Plain Talk”, during a stint in Port Washington, N.Y. Very little is known about the time Landis spent in Port Washington, however he was an avid picture taker who photographed various parts of Port and established long-standing friendships with Port Washington residents such as Charles N.... Read more

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Nursing at Upstate

SUNY Upstate Medical University - Health Sciences Library

Dates of Original: 1959- 1970

In 1950, SUNY acquired the Public Health Nursing program from Syracuse University in addition to the College of Medicine. By 1959 Upstate had founded an official School of Nursing, awarding A.A.S. degrees over a two year program. The school functioned until 1976 when it was folded into the College of Health Related Professionals only to emerge as the College of Nursing in 1984.

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