Google has done us all the remarkable favor of capturing images of cities and towns across America and making those images accessible for free in the Streetview of Google Maps. Across New York, we have contemporary street-level views which we can compare with our historic photos in New York Heritage. Sometimes this is a challenge, since after only a few decades, buildings are torn down, renovated, or otherwise changed. When we’re successful, though, we get to see the development of 20th century New York played across a few snapshots.

Delaware Ave and Groesbeck Place, Delmar, NY: 2011 & 1955
Delmar Avenue, Bethlehem NY, 2011Delmar Avenue, Bethlehem NY, 1955

Watson Circulating Center of the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library,
South Park Ave., Buffalo, NY, 2011 & 1919
South Park Ave, 1919

Toll Gate Ice Cream Shop, Delmar, NY: 2011 & 1955:
Toll Gate Ice Cream Shop, Delmar, NY, 2011Toll Gate Ice Cream Shop, Delmar, NY, 1955

Well that proves the point- Ice cream can survive anything!

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