New York Heritage has hundreds and hundreds of digitized yearbooks, which you can see and browse or search by school on our Yearbooks page.

Recently we’ve pinned nearly 100 of our favorite yearbook designs over on Pinterest.  You can see the board here:Yearbooks Over the Years.

My only disappointment with Pinterest is that you can’t rearrange your pins.  I’d really love to sort these great yearbook covers by date to see the different design trends over the years, so I thought I’d do it here!

So what did our favorite yearbook covers look like…

In the conservative 20s?

Normalian 1923

Pioneer 1926

Watertown Yearbook 1927

Gridiron 1929







In the classic 30s?

Gridiron 1931

Clarksonian 1932

Ontarian 1935

Pioneer 1935







In the adventurous 40s?

Cardinal 1941

Coltonian 1943

Pioneer 1944

Watertown Yearbook 1949






In the angular 50s?

Clarksonian 1954

Hornet 1955

Ontarian 1955

Seymour 1958






In the shapely 60s?

Gridiron 1961

Memories 1961

Coltonian 1966

Jeffersonian 1967






In the psychedelic 70s?

Sandstoner 1970

Centralian 1973

Coltonian 1973

Clarksonian 1974






In the futuristic 80s?

Watertown Yearbook 1981

Keystoner 1983

Tatler 1985

Hornet 1986








In the graphic 90s?

Sandstoner 1990

Algonquin 1990

Morrisania 1992

Coltonian 1996






In the modern age?

Pioneer 2002

Tatler 2006

Memories 2009

Sandstoner 2009






One thing’s for certain- your yearbook cover shouldn’t be boring! Check out the rest of our favorites on Pinterest and tell us what design speaks to you.


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