What can I say?  I love making these, and I think I’ve waited long enough since our last post about stereograph animations.


Trophy Point, West Point


In 1778 George Washington ordered Polish engineer Colonel Thaddeus Kosciusko to construct an iron chain to block passage of British ships from sailing to Albany. The chain stretched between West Point and Constitution Island. A ring of thirteen original links, representing the thirteen American colonies, attracts tourists to the grounds of West Point Military Academy.



Prospect Mountain House, Lake George


A young man gazing at a nice house on Lake George around the turn of the century.

FairyFloatA Fairy Turnout, Saratoga Springs


The Floral Fete parade in 1902 included floats, bicycles, and various types of carriages decorated in flowers. This stereoview image shows a young boy in his floral decorated cart pulled by two goats. His entry number is 31. Part of a decorated bicycle can be seen in the background.

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