You’ve probably heard of tags – words that people can use to describe an object, webpage, or piece of information. Twitter and Instagram call them hashtags, because you put a┬ápound sign or hash sign ( # ) in front. WordPress and Evernote just ┬ácall them tags, and you fill them in using their software.

Those are ways for people to tag something they’ve created themselves, but with New York Heritage, you can also tag the images on our site, for all users to see. And there’s no login required!

You can give several items the same tag in order to find them later. Then just use the search box on our site with the word “tag:” in front. For example:




Or you can add tags that help other people know more about the image. I decided to add a tag to the picture “People walking on the frozen bed of the river, east of the Goat Island Bridge.” Although it mentions a frozen river, I wanted to add the word “winter” for another way to find the image.

I scrolled the bottom of the image, to find the “Tags” section:



I clicked on it to expand the section:


No one else has added a tag. I’ll click “add tags.”


Your name won’t be visible once you save the tag, but it helps us at New York Heritage to know who is submitting them.

I click “Save Tags,” and now it’s been added.



Consider adding your own tags to items you come across in New York Heritage, and help make this a more valuable resource for our history.


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