Cure Cottages of Saranac Lake

Before 1946, when a drug based cure for tuberculosis was found, Saranac Lake was a renowned center for the only known way to cure tuberculosis, fresh air and complete bed rest. The Cure Cottages are buildings, mostly still present today, that became private sanatoriums for those sick with tuberculosis. The Cottages are focused on the fresh air and bed-rest treatment, having multiple porches, balconies, and sun-rooms, with enough room to place multiple patients on cots and hammocks.

The Cure Cottage "Cure Porches" were glassed-in rooms that were mainly added on to the house on the ground floor, or were modified from existing house features. These rooms were fitted with sliding glass windows that enabled the air to be regulated within the room. A standard treatment for the patients included at least eight hours resting within the Cure Porch.

Collection owner: Saranac Lake Free Library