Dr. Austin Flint Collection

This collection contains several artifacts from the Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection, University at Buffalo, that highlight the life of Dr. Austin Flint. A renowned physician, Flint was one of the founding members of the University at Buffalo Medical School. As the most distinguished member of the founding faculty, he was named Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, and he served as the first registrar and treasurer. In addition to his work at the medical school, he authored more than 200 articles and 16 books. Many of his articles were published in the Buffalo Medical Journal, a journal that he himself founded.

Flint had an immense impact on the Western New York community. He relocated to Buffalo after attending Harvard and practicing in Massachusetts. Flint closely studied the typhoid fever epidemic in Boston, NY. In 1843, the small town located southeast of Buffalo was ravaged by the illness. Twenty-eight of the 43 residents came down with the fever, and ten died. Believed to have originated from the local well, the epidemic was of particular interest to Flint, and he studied it very closely. His work culminated with the publication of his On Continued Fever (1852).

Flint is also the name-sake of "Flint's murmur," a heart condition which he discovered. As a leading cardiologist, he advocated for a biaural stethoscope, and is considered the "American Laënneo." He also spent time at these institutions: Rush Medical College, Chicago Bellevue Hospital, University of Louisville, the School of Medicine at New Orleans, New York City's Bellevue Hospital Medical College, Long Island College Hospital, and the New York Academy of Medicine. He served as the president of the American Medical Association in 1884.

The Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection was established as a separate entity in 1972. The collection was named in 1985 for Robert L. Brown, MD, former Associate Dean of the School of Medicine, in recognition of his strong support of the Health Sciences Library for more than twenty-five years. The collection includes historical materials in all areas of the health sciences, including dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and public health. The History of Medicine Collection at University at Buffalo is supervised by Linda Lohr.

Collection owner: University at Buffalo; Health Sciences Library; Robert L. Brown History of the Health Sciences