The Edgar Holloway (1914-2008) Watercolor and Etchings Collection

The Edgar Holloway (1914-2008) Watercolor and Etchings collection is the artist’s commissioned works to paint and document Troy, New York and the surrounding area’s architectural and industrial heritage. The Reverend Thomas Phelan brought Holloway to the US from England for three summers of painting that resulted in over 70 watercolors and a number of etchings of buildings and sites at a time when many were threatened by demolition during Urban Renewal of the early 1970’s. Holloway’s work helped to raise awareness of what might be lost. It also invigorated the artist’s career in England. The whole collection of Holloway’s art was acquired by an anonymous donor from Rev. Phelan’s estate and donated to the historical society in 2006

Collection owner: Rensselaer County Historical Society