Quilt Patterns of Onondaga County

The Quilt Patterns of Onondaga County Collection, 1919-1923 is comprised of nearly 400 hand-drawn representations of quilts from various locations across Onondaga County and beyond. They were completed by Virginia Beauchamp - a teacher, social worker, and member of the executive council of the South Side Library association - and donated to the Central Branch of Onondaga County Public Library by her sister, Grace B. Lodder. The patterns were drawn to scale and finished with watercolor paints in order to imitate the colors of the actual quilts upon which the patterns are based. Although the patterns were completed from 1919-1923, many were based on quilts made before 1850 and are thus an important record of domestic life from that time. The collection is housed in the Local History and Genealogy Department of the Onondaga County Public Library.

Collection owner: Onondaga County Public Library - Local History & Genealogy Department