Rochester Genealogical Society Church Records

German Evangelical Lutheran Church (later Zion Lutheran Church), 70 Grove Street Rochester, NY 14605 is one of the oldest Lutheran churches in the Rochester NY area. It is especially valuable for research as it gives the exact place of origin for many of the early German immigrants to Rochester, and that information is extremely difficult to come by otherwise. The church’s years of operation were from 1836 to 1960.

Penfield United Methodist Church: Contains various records from the Penfield United Methodist Church. Originals are at the church. Contains various records from the Penfield United Methodist Church from 1886 to after 1940. These include a table of contents, a record of pastors 1885-1913, records of official members, records of members in full connection, (alphabetic listing), records of probationers, records of marriages 1885-1911, a record of baptisms 1886-1912, the builder’s diary and expense records, as well as directories of church members.

Collection owner: Rochester Genealogical Society