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Love Canal Town Meeting & Webquest Activities

created by Susan Allen on behalf of WNYLRC

Students are asked to complete a webquest that takes them on a journey researching Love Canal and the events that transpired there starting in the 1970s. Following the research into the general events surrounding this time, the students will break into groups and do more directed research on the positions of three major stakeholders in Love Canal. They will develop a persuasive presentation of their stakeholder's position and point of view using primary resources that are given in the webquest as well as any others they may find. The arguments will be given in a mock town meeting before an audience. The result will be a class discussion based upon what they have learned.

Additional Resources

The following resources offer additional information that relates to the topics addressed in the collection. In addition, several classroom lesson plans are identified as potential resources for which the digital materials could be incorporated in classroom learning.

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