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  • Queens College, Waterways of New York
    This is a collection of historically significant cultural heritage materials documenting the waterways of New York state. The intent of the collection is to provide a visual record of the history and culture of the many cities and towns that were associated in some way with the waterways of New York. Students, teachers, researchers and those interested in waterways will find this rich resource a valuable addition to the history of what made New York the "Empire State." This test collection mainly comprises early twentieth century postcards depicting the Erie Canal. A few sample postcards include the Barge Canal, as well as other canal feeders and tributaries.
  • Queens College GSLIS, Queens College Archives
    The Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies (GSLIS) teamed up with the Queens College Archives in 2005, to explore the feasibility of a collaborative approach to digitizing selected materials from the Archives. Among the digitized materials included in this segment of this METRO-funded project are an Illustrated history entitled The People’s College on the Hill: Fifty Years at Queens College, 1937-1987 (pp. 1-128), a selection of flyers advertizing events sponsored by various student organizations, magazine covers of student-sponsored publications, selected letters, a slideshow from the Class of 1943 Reunion held in 1998, and slides from a “Virtual Tour” of Campus, 1954-1963. Forty images represented cover and selected pages from the 1941 Queens College Yearbook, Silhouette, are included in this segment. All images were scanned by GSLIS students in fall and spring sections of the Digital Imaging class. Rosenthal Library staff provided assistance with metadata.
  • Queens College Library, Queens College Archives
    This pilot project complements the material in the Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS), Queens College Archives collection. It includes pages 111-135 of the 1941 Queens College Yearbook, Silhouette materials, as well as additional images spanning a range of years, taken from the Queens College Archives. These digital images, and their corresponding metadata, were created by a grant-funded work-study student during the summer of 2005, under the supervision of Rosenthal Library staff.