Yeshiva University

The rare and unique treasures held by Yeshiva University constitute the Library's Special Collections. These rare books, manuscripts and archival records document the Jewish religious, literary and cultural heritage. Scholars and visitors are welcome to consult the Special Collections. It is advisable to make arrangements in advance of your visit -

Brooklyn College Collections

  • Yeshiva University, Breslau Memorial and Prayer Book
    The Auras Memorbuch is an example of the art of manuscript decoration that experienced a renaissance in Central Europe in the 18th century. The Memorbuch was written and illustrated by Binyamin Ze'ev (Wolff Jacob) of Kempen in Breslau in 1765, and dedicated in the neighboring community of Auras in 1803.
  • Yeshiva University, Prague Bible
    The Prague Bible is an illuminated manuscript of the Bible (Tanakh) with Rashi's commentary. It was completed in Prague in 1489.